The inspirational book “Life after Dark” is ready to launch


Now, a book is ready to launch on November 8, at the Podollan Inn. “Life After Dark: 100 Stories Of Hope from Survivors of Suicide” is about “turning wounds into wisdom and pain into purpose,” she said. “It’s a message of hope. The stories are of resilience and hope.” The motivation to make this book have something personal from photographer’s life. When she was six years old his father –who was an ambulance driver – was the only who escaped being involved into a collision intentionally planned by another driver into a successful suicidal attempt. The fact influenced the life of the little girl Suzanne. “I’ve been affected by suicide my entire life and I, myself, attempted suicide,” she says.

The cover of the book

“We all have a story to share and a story is what’s going to connect us.” She permanently tried to understand the mind of people who commit suicide. Working for the inspirational book, she was in contact with people with tragic experiences. In many cases they changed the mind and rediscovered the beauty of the life. Suzanne is offering now to the whole world the essential of their experience in the hope that many other people with existential problems will think twice before committing suicide. Now, about the launch of Saigmester’s book:  Tickets for the event are $25 and the book is $125. For every book that is purchased, one will be donated . All the proceeds will go to the second stage of Sagmeister’s project.


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