A robbery of the century in a Mexican port


This seems to be the robbery of the century. Thieves broke into a freight storage area at the Pacific coast seaport of Manzanillo, Mexico, and stole 20 freight containers loaded with partly refined gold ,silver ore and television sets. More than a dozen armed thieves forced their way into a private freight dispatch yard near the port. The gang took eight hours to select the goods. They opened several containers, selected only those that they were interested in, and left the rest intact. After, they hooked up the containers to trucks and drove way. The theft required the use of cranes, forklifts and trucks to remove the items. Horacio Duarte, the head of Mexico’s customs service, confirmed the robbery and said organized crime was involved.


“This was a very serious organized crime operation,”he said. “It is unprecedented, there had been no robbery of this nature before this,” said Gustavo Adrián Joya, spokesman for the security department of Colima state. Violence has plagued the government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has pledged to pacify the country with a less confrontational approach to dealing with crime. The value of the stolen containers was not yet disclosed.