Facts on the world and different perceptions about the Covid 19 epidemic in our actual time


As U.S. drops COVID testing for incoming international air travelers, China warns of ‘explosive’ COVID outbreak, conducting mass testing in Shanghai. The actual COVID-19 outbreak in China was connected to a bar, a government spokesman said on Saturday. At least two districts closed immediately some entertainment venues. China sustains the need to protect the elderly and the medical system on a „zero Covid” strategy. The country of 1.4 billion recorded only 5,226 deaths from COVID-19. “The recent outbreak … is strongly explosive in nature and widespread in scope,” Xu Hejian, spokesperson of the Beijing municipal government told, after the capital had registered 46 new local cases on Saturday. Many neighbourhoods in the capital have been put under lockdown, with residents told to stay home. On Saturday, authorities ordered PCR testing for all residents in 15 of Shanghai’s 16 districts. The city only lifted a gruelling two-month COVID-19 lockdown on June 1. Just for commenting, China’s infection rate is low by global standards. It seems that the politic factor is however very different. The opposites visions of the world’s leader are or accepting life with the existence of Covid or – this is now China’s case – imposing zero tolerance. Where is the truth for real and how will influence, in different ways, those different strategies, the future of the humans on the Earth ?


Nobody can offer an answer right now or – if opinions exist – nobody want to clearly accept one of them. The world is like the big recipient for a confusing experiment supposing that human life and its projection for the future are shacked with economical and even militar aspects to obtain something that nobody exactly can imaginate. It’s not even known if the hope as a permanent support for our toughts is included in the malefic equation. We want answers in a distorted world. We receive as an obsession only those two words: who knows ?