The new security screening rules for traveling to the US began to apply worldwide


“The security measures affect all individuals, international passengers and U.S. citizens, traveling to the United States from a last point of departure international location,” said Lisa Farbstein, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. Some carriers insisted their operations remained the same, while some airlines said they had received permission to delay implementing the new rules until January.


The new rules include “heightened screening of personal electronic devices” and stricter security procedures around planes and in airport terminals. Passengers also had to have their carry-on bags searched. as an example said it was telling passengers traveling to the U.S. to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight and allow extra time to get through security. An official with the Eastern Airlines publicity department said to media that she saw media reports about security safety interviews but didn’t have immediate details on what her company was doing. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. said on its website that it had suspended self-drop baggage services and that passengers heading to the U.S. “will be subject to a short security interview” when checking their luggage. Those without bags would have a similar interview at their gates. Air France said it would begin the new security interviews on Thursday at Paris Orly Airport and a week later, on Nov. 2, at Charles de Gaulle Airport. It said the extra screening would take the form of a questionnaire handed to all passengers. Similar measures were announced by airports around the world.


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