Even President Biden is concerned by monkeypox spread


The World Health Organization (WHO) says it expects to identify more cases of monkeypox in the world. As of Saturday, 92 confirmed cases and 28 suspected cases of monkeypox were reported from 12 member states. “Available information suggests that human-to-human transmission is occurring among people in close physical contact with cases who are symptomatic,” the agency said. The disease is occasionally deadly. Lesions typical of the disease are very infectious but close and prolonged contact is needed. “What seems to be happening now is that it has got into the population as a sexual form, as a genital form, and is being spread as are sexually transmitted infections, which has amplified its transmission around the world,” said WHO official David Heymann. US President Joe Biden said on Sunday the recent cases of monkeypox identified in Europe and the United States were something “to be concerned about”. „We’re working on it hard to figure out what we do,” he added.


The UK registered 20 cases on Friday, concentrated in urban areas. “We are detecting more cases on a daily basis,” UKHSA chief medical adviser Susan Hopkins said. The monkeypox does not transmit as easily. The virus enters the body through broken skin, the respiratory tract, or the eyes, nose or mouth. Some vaccines are available. Scientists do not expect the outbreak to evolve into a pandemic. “Immediate actions focus on informing those who may be most at risk for monkeypox infection with accurate information, in order to stop further spread,” the WHO latest statement said.