America decided some measures in favor of Cuban people


The U.S. State Department announced on Monday measures in favor of Cuban people reinstating the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program and increasing consular services and visa processing. The Biden administration is also lifting the family remittance cap of $1,000 per quarter “and will support donative remittances to Cuban entrepreneurs, both with the goal of further empowering families to support each other and for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.” Some restrictions remain in place and sanctions on certain entities. The US will continue prohibit American tourism in Cuba. Individuals will not be also allowed to travel there for educational purposes. The US still plans to process immigrant visas at its embassy in Guyana. The lifting of the restrictions came after months of deliberation and study, which Biden ordered.


U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price in a statement said the measures announced Monday were to “further support the Cuban people, providing them additional tools to pursue a life free from Cuban government oppression and to seek greater economic opportunities.” The United States will use “electronic payment processors” for remittances to avoid funds going directly to the Cuban government. The steps would be implemented over coming weeks.