A hope for a new search for the MH370 lost flight


“Good progress has been made”, a spokesman for te firm said. “We remain optimistic that we will be able to try and help provide some answers to those who have been affected by this tragedy,”  he also added. Australian transport minister Darren Chester said in a statement that the Malaysian government has entered into a “no find-no fee” arrangement. Australia, at Malaysia’s request, will provide technical assistance to the Malaysian government and Ocean Infinity.

The Indian Ocean

Malaysia’s deputy transport minister Aziz Kaprawi said on Thursday  that negotiations are ongoing. It is known that Ocean Infinity will focus on searching the seafloor in an area that has previously been identified by experts as the next most likely location to find MH370. A search co-ordinated by Australia, China and Malaysia, which cost AUS$200m (£119m), was halted in January without relevant results. No sign of the plane was found in the 46,000 square mile (120,000sq km) search zone west of Australia. It seems however the search was not in the appropriate area. What happened to MH370 still remain a mystery.


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