The fist step to adopt the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in Australia


If it gets through the Upper House, terminally ill people over the age of 18, in severe pain and with only a year to live will be able to access lethal drugs. Victoria’s bill does not seek to legalize the use of Nembutal, the drug considered to induce the best death for suffering patients. Those who opposed to the bill tried to pass more than a dozen clauses and hundreds of amendments.

The Australian Lower House

Between them, former Prime Minister Paul Keating has branded the Victorian decision to endorse a euthanasia scheme as a “very sad moment” for the country and urged upper house MPs to block it. The vote in the Upper House is expected in two weeks. “To do or to cause to abrogate the core human instinct to survive and live … is to turn one’s back on the compulsion built into the hundreds of thousands of years of our evolution,” he said. If adopted, law will not take effect before 2019, to allow for its implementation. In most cases, estimated to be about 150 a year. the lethal dose would be self-taken. In other situations doctors will be involved. Victoria’s laws cannot be overturned by the Commonwealth.


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