The 2016 crash of EgyptAir flight MS804 was caused by a cigarette which started a fire


Initially considered a terrorist attack, the 2016 crash of from Paris to Cairo, which killed 66 people, was found. According to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera a final report of investigative commission declared it was caused by a pilot smoking a cigarette. (Smoking in the cockpit was not banned by EgyptAir at the time of the crash). In fact, the co-pilot’s oxygen mask was left in “emergency” mode instead of “normal” by a maintenance engineer and the cigarette caused the oxygen to combust, provoking a spark that led to a fire. It spread quickly, leading to the loss of control of the aircraft which disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea between Crete and the coast of northern Egypt. The aircraft transmitted automated messages indicating smoke in the cabin and a fault in the flight control unit minutes before losing contact.


The flight data recorder from Flight 804 was recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, a day after the plane’s cockpit voice recorder was retrieved. Egyptian authorities never released their findings, while French authorities have been unable to disclose any information despite they analysed the plane’s black box, even if 15 French nationals were killed in the crash. After the crash in 2016, a U.S. intel source confirmed that the wreckage showed “signs of damage because of high temperature” and a flight data recorder indicated there was smoke on board.