Ukrainian officials announced destruction of the large Russian warship Orsk


Ukrainian officials claim that a Russian landing warship, Orsk, was destroyed and two other boats were damaged in the occupied Ukrainian port of Berdyansk, at west of the port of Mariupol. “A 3,000-ton fuel tank was also destroyed. The fire spread to the enemy’s ammunition depot. Details of the damage inflicted on the occupier are being clarified,” they said. A footage posted on Thursday presented explosions and the vessel in flames. Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar told Ukrainian TV that the military had hit a “huge target”, capable of carrying 20 tanks, 45 armoured vehicles and 400 troops. A few days ago, the warship delivered armoured vehicles were to be used to reinforce Russian troops.


Berdyansk has major strategic value to the Russians, being positioned between Crimea and Mariupol. During war, Russia has fired on Mariupol from the Sea of Azov, No more details were given about the weapons used in the attack on Orsk warship today and what level of damage was produced. It is not clear what was on the ship when it was hit. It’s however supposed a ballistic missile. On Thursday morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed that Russia’s total combat losses from Feb. 24 to March 23 amounted to about 15,800 people, 530 tanks, 1,597 armored combat vehicles, 280 artillery systems, and 47 anti-aircraft weapons.