Israeli government websites were downed by a DdoS attack on Monday


were downed for over an hour due to a major cyberattack (huge DDoS attack) on Monday evening. Users attempting to enter sites with extensions were unable to for at least an hour. “Operations have been carried out by communications companies in order to return the service as soon as possible, and the service is gradually returning,” the Communications Ministry said. The National Cyber Directorate declared a state of emergency in order to study the extent of the damage caused by the “massive” cyberattack. The cyber assault took down websites for the nation’s interior, health, justice and welfare ministries, as well as that of the prime minister’s office. Those websites were flooded with traffic.It was the largest attack ever. Israeli officials did not immediately say who was behind the attack. However, Iran is supposed to be.


Israel and Iran have for years been involved in a largely quiet cyberwar. Former senior cyber authority official Rafael Franko, founder of Code Blue, said that Black Shadow, said to be affiliated with Iran, was behind cyberattacks on the diamond exchange over the weekend. Some speculated that this was part of Iranian retaliation for the alleged attempted sabotage of Fordow, the second most important site in terms of volume of centrifuges for enriching uranium, after the Natanz facility. Monday night Jerusalem time, some access had reportedly been restored.