Actual Covid-19 warnings and prevention measures in the world


Covid-19 pandemic is not over. China ordered a lockdown of the 9 million residents of the northeastern city of Changchun on Friday due to virus omicron variant spread. Residents are required to remain home, with one family member permitted to venture out to buy food and other necessities every two days. Nonessential businesses have been closed and transport links suspended. Mass testing is mandatory.


On Friday, China recorded 397 new instances of local transmission across the country, with 98 of them in Jilin province, which includes Changchun. The country has said it will lock down any region where one or more cases of the disease are reported. Various measures are imposed in the world as communities are still battling against a number of infections.Travelers will have to continue to wear masks until at least April 18 when flying commercially and in other transportation settings, including on buses, ferries and subways, officials announced Thursday in the U.S. The extension of the mandate comes as airlines are expecting a surge in spring travel. Hong Kong is testing its entire population three times this month as COVID-19 deaths soar. Surprisingly, a number of European countries have lifted all coronavirus restrictions, as more and more governments design protocols to co-exist with the coronavirus. The world undoubtedly hit its 6 millionth death some time ago. In its latest report on the pandemic issued on Wednesday, the U.N. health agency said new COVID-19 infections dropped by 5% in the last week, continuing a declining trend. Another new coronavirus variant has been identified in several regions of France and in Denmark/Netherlands, this one containing elements of Delta and Omicron. there is not yet enough data about its severity.