Instagram final price tag is $285 million lower than original one


At that time a Facebook share was valued at $30.89. Facebook stock price saw a continuous decline ever since. Facebook’s Instagram deal was delayed as it triggered an automatic investigation by the FTC. Now Facebook ended up paying $521 million in cash and stock and an additional $194 million just in stock. The later amount represents the value of the shares that were offered for Instagram employees.

The report with Facebook’s quarterly investments was filled yesterday. According to the report that is listed on U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s main website the fixed cash part of the deal was kept. Out of the $521 million Facebook ended up paying $300 million cash and the rest represents the value of stock offered to non-employee stockholders from Instagram.

Facebook ended up giving a total of 23 million of its shares in the Instagram deal. At the moment of the transaction the total share cost was $415 million. Even though the Instagram acquisition delay was initially considered a possible threat, things worked out rather good for Facebook.


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