The Lesedi La Rona uncut diamond was bought for $53 million


In a statement, Graff said the deal “was closed with a handshake after more than a year of negotiations.” The stone is the largest gem-quality rough diamond to have been found this century. It is believed it formed between 2.5 to three billion years ago Lesedi La Rona means “our light” in the local Botswana language. “The stone will tell us its story, it will dictate how it wants to be cut, and we will take the utmost care to respect its exceptional properties,” the chairman of Graff Diamonds declared.


The company say it will be scanned using state of the art 3D equipment which search for inclusions, small imperfections in the heart of the stone, to decide how the diamond will be polished. Graff acquired another 373-carat diamond that was originally part of “Lesedi La Rona” earlier this year. The Karowe mine, where the Lesedi La Rona was found, also yielded the world’s most expensive diamond, the 813-carat Constellation, which Lucara sold to a Dubai company for $63 million because it had a better form and aspect.


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