Surf competition interrupted by killer whales in Norway


Despite getting too close to their potential prey, the whales suddenly move away from the area after possibly realizing that the surfers are not seals. Orcas are found in all oceans and they hunt fish and other marine mammals such as dolphins and seals using their sharp teeth. They are usually not considered a threat to humans since they rarely attack humans in the wild but produced numerous deaths and injuries related to captive killer whales in aqua parks and marine parks around the world.

Orca in the sea at the surf competition in Norway

Officials with Norwegian Orca Survey say the incident recorded resembles a orca attack and that the sea-going mammal must have decided against hitting one of the surfers at the last second. The incident occurred over the last weekend. all three whales were seen leaving the spot instantly. The event, first held in 2007, continued and was later won by local surfer Maria Petersson and Edi Siswanto, a surf instructor from Bali. Though seasonal, surfing conditions can be ideal in Norway.


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