The Egyptian Eman Abdul Atti who was once the heaviest woman in the world has died


She had been receiving treatment for several months following an bariatric surgery  in March, in India (which is a stomach-shrinking bypass procedure). After first surgery in Mumbai she lost about 50 stone (317kg). Prior to the operation she had not left her home in 25 years. In May, Ms Ahmed was transported to Abu Dhabi for further operations by air ambulance on a hydraulic stretcher specially imported from Italy.

Eman Abdul Atti during treatment in hospital

A team of more than 20 doctors had been caring for her at the Burjeel Hospital in United Arab Emirates. Eman Abdul suffered from elephantiasis, a condition that causes body tissue to swell, and had a stroke at the age of 11. Regarding her death, a statement from the Abu Dhabi hospital described her cause of death as being from weight-related conditions including heart disease and kidney dysfunction. According to Dr Nabeel Debouni, the hospital’s medical director, Abdul Atti had shown much improvement since her admission to Burjeel in May. “Her diet was right, and nothing could have been done differently, so we were all very surprised when she started to go downhill over the previous three to four days,” doctors said. Abdul Atti will be repatriated.


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