A British reporter died on a beach in Sri Lanka, attacked by a crocodile


His body was found by Sri Lankan navy divers on Friday. A crocodile is believed to have dragged McClean under water on Thursday. “There were six or seven wounds on his right leg,” an officer said. The final cause of death has yet to be established. Panama beach is famous for surfing and other beach sports. It is believed Mr McClean had only arrived in the country within the last few days and was staying at a nearby hotel with a group of friends. McClean was just a month shy of his 25th birthday.

Crocodile in Sri Lanka

It was appreciated as “a talented, energetic and dedicated young journalist.” His most recent FT story explored the threat to champagne production from climate change. He also observed that that Britain would have to renegotiate no fewer than 759 treaties with 168 countries after its vote to leave the EU. McClean graduated from Oxford university with a first-class honors degree in French. Crocodile attacks on people are rare in Sri Lanka. But sometimes it happens.


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