A new standard for a luxury life: residing on the sea


Retiring on the sea ? An entire traveling all around, as the next level of luxury life ? It’s preparing right now to become reality in the actual world. The cruise ship of Storylines, dubbed a “,” sets sail in 2024 as a “more affordable” alternative to other luxury marine residences. The ship is 741 feet long and 98 feet wide with 547 fully-furnished residences. Most of them include balconies. Homes are available as outright purchases or 24-year leases. Its units will start at 400,000. The suites on the vessel have one to four bedrooms. But it will also have a few two-story penthouses at $8 million. Every resident is also charged a “living fee” in the range of $65,000 to $200,000 per unit, annually, to cover their all-inclusive living experience. The vessel also features 20 restaurants and bars, a microbrewery, three swimming pools, a bowling alley, movie theater and spa for lounging and recreation, plus a solar-powered hydroponic garden, a beauty salon and 10,000-book library. Travelers will enjoy an outdoor running track, full gym with state-of-the-art equipment, yoga studio, golf simulators, dance floor and more. A medical clinic onboard includes a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, nutritionist and physiotherapist and a range of medical services include wellness visits, weight loss, anti-aging, immune therapies, detox treatments, dietary planning and more.


The is currently still being constructed in Croatia. Style, color, floor plan, and built-in options will be made available for purchasers during the construction phase. It will be one of the greenest passenger vessels in operation, using innovative green technologies which will include converting waste into energy. “We have retirees and children and everyone else in between, including younger digital nomad types,” says founder and CEO Alister Punton.