Woman scammed of hundreds thousand dollars in Australia


“I don’t know how to explain,” she said now. “I don’t know the real world, what’s happening. I’ve never experience someone cheat me. Many time I want to end my life. I feel hopeless.” Developing a strong relation in a short time, based on active Facebook communication, the scammers invented a situation requesting woman’s help and financial participation. She was emotionally determined to make 33 payments, her entire life savings, plus some of her husband’s superannuation. Malaysian police managed to track down and arrest one of the mules in the northwestern state of Kedah but this not helped to recuperate any money.


Australian police declined competence to obtain the information needed from multiple financial institutions which received payments. The photo of “Dr Harrison” is a picture of US weight loss expert Dr Garth Davis from the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, who warned online about the scam and the fake accounts.In 2016, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network together received more than 200,000 reports of online scams. In “Nigerian scams” people had lost $15.6 million.


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