The oldest person in the world celebrated 119 years


The world’s oldest living person, Kane Tanaka, is a Japanese woman, the seventh of nine siblings. She celebrated 119 years Sunday in a nursing home in Fukuoka prefecture, south-west Japan. The centenarian is unable to speak. Her feat in Guinness Book of Records began officially tallying her age in March of 2019 when she had turned 116. Tanaka was given two commemorative Coca-Cola bottles. She is still drinking Coca-Cola as usual. She likes chocolate.Born in 1903, Tanaka married a rice shop owner at the age of 19, and worked in the family store until she was 103. She said now that she is determined to extend the record by another year. Tanaka has lived through five Japanese imperial reigns and two world wars. Ms Tanaka had cataract surgery aged 90 and also underwent colorectal cancer surgery when she was 103. During the pandemic, Tanaka uses gestures to communicate with nursing home staff and is keen on puzzles and board games.


In an estimate released in September ahead of the annual Respect for the Aged Day, the health ministry said a record 86,510 people were aged 100 or older. Notable people born in 1903 include British novelist George Orwell, film director Yasujiro Ozu and Japanese poet Misuzu Kaneko. The oldest man in the world, Jiroemon Kimura, died at 116 in 2013.