The Omicron Covid 19 variant is retreating in South Africa


The South African government said the wave of Covid-19 caused by the variant is retreating. It was also specified that there was only a “marginal increase” in fatalities, which remained low compared to previous spikes. The number of hospital admissions has also been significantly lower. It suggests patients require less medical intervention than those infected with previous versions of the novel coronavirus. Experts have continuosly warned that its high transmissibility still poses a risk to health-care systems globally but recent studies found patients suffered fewer severe COVID-19 symptoms. The scientists revealed that the patients required, on average, four days in hospital, or about half the time needed earlier in the pandemic. The death rate dropped from 29.1% with delta to 2.7% with .


Dr. Abdi Mahamud, the WHO’s incident manager for COVID-19, said it’s too early to interpret all of South Africa’s data. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) chief says he is optimistic that the coronavirus pandemic will be defeated in 2022. Global Covid cases now stand at 287m, while nearly 5.5m people have died. The WHO has set a new goal for 2022: vaccinate 70% of people in all countries by July to end the pandemic.