A Finish owner of a Tesla 2013 model S destroyed the car with dynamite as a form of protest


Tuomas Katainen ,one unhappy Tesla owner in the village of Jaala, Finland, destroyed his 2013 Model S sedan with 30 kg of dynamite. He was told that the replacement of the entire battery pack would cost him $22,480.The car, around eight years old, was blown up along with a doll of Tesla CEO Elon Musk at an abandoned quarry. A video showing the explosion was uploaded on YouTube.The concern here is the maintenance cost of electric vehicles after their warranty period is over and the action was made to draw the attention of the world in a strange form of protest. In the case of Tesla, the US-based EV major has a closed ecosystem and it doesn’t allow any third-party services, which can be availed to reduce the cost for the owner.


Tuomas Katainen told the story: “When I bought that Tesla, the first 1,500 km were nice. It was an excellent car. Then the error codes hit. So I ordered the tow truck to take my car to the service station. For almost a month the car was at the dealer’s workshop and I finally got a call that they cannot do anything for my car. The only option is to change the whole battery cell.” “I never enjoyed this much with the Tesla!” he declared after explosion.