Miss World competition 2021 was last minute postponed for 90 days due to Covid-19


This year’s Miss World competition, the 70th edition of the annual event, with contestants from 98 countries, scheduled to take place Thursday in Puerto Rico, has been postponed hours before the pageant was due to start, citing the “health and safety interest of contestants, staff, crew and general public.” Multiple people linked to the event, including 23 of the 97 contestants, tested positive for Covid-19. The decision to postpone was imposed by the organizers. The finale will be rearranged and held within the next 90 days. “The next step according to the medical experts is immediate quarantine, pending observation and further testing according to best practices in situations like this. Once and only when contestants and staff are cleared by health officials and advisers, will contestants and related staff return to their home countries,” a statement said.


2019’s winner, Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh, remains the reigning titleholder. New virus variant Omicron is spreading quickly in the world. New York recorded highest number of daily Covid 19 cases. The French PM declared „Omicron is spreading at lightning speed.” Covid vaccine mandate was reinstated for American businesses. Restrictions are being tightened across Europe. Covid is threatening holidays worldwide.