A petition to allow an excellent student, “maths genius,” to take his place at Oxford University


The White family adopted him. Brian joined the family in Wolverhampton when he was 15 and was given permission to enter the UK. He was given Limited Leave to Remain. Now Brian’s application to become a British Citizen by naturalization was rejected, leaving any potential university applications in doubt. Although his A-Level results were outstanding (A*A*A*A), Brian was unable to take his place at Oxford because if you don’t have indefinite leave to remain you aren’t eligible to receive student finance. He proved to be a maths genius.

The Oxford University

The University have kept his place open for him but the Home Office must clarify the situation. He could face deportation back to Zimbabwe if the matter is not settled. In a such situation things go wrong. Mr White said: “I haven’t been there in seven or eight years, I don’t know anybody there. I don’t have any connections.” One of his friends, Mr Wilcox, who is studying law at Bristol University, said: “It’s common sense to allow him to stay. So many people have said the situation is crazy.” A Home Office spokesman said: “We understand the urgency of Mr White’s case and have contacted him to reassure him that we are looking to resolve his application as soon as possible.” This could be a hope.


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