Violence at the Poland-Belarus border increased the migrants crisis


Violence erupted at the Poland-Belarus border on Tuesday, with migrants desperate to cross into the European Union. They threw stones and concrete blocks at Polish border guards who responded with water cannon and tear gas. A dense cloud of smoke hung overhead. Seven police officers were injured. There were reports that the water cannons used by Polish forces sprayed a yellow liquid that caused burning. “Today we have witnessed how the Polish security forces on the Belarusian-Polish border used special means containing toxic irritating chemicals against refugees, including women and children,” Belarusian state media BeITA reported. Poland’s Ministry of Defense shared footage on Twitter describing the scene as an “attack of migrants.”Possibly migrants were incited by a rumor that Poland will let them pass to Germany. He also accused Belarusian services of equipping migrants with “stun grenades.”


Belarus’s State Border Guard Committee launched an investigation. Belarus’s border agency told media that some migrants — including women, children and those with medical conditions were being moved 1.5 kilometers to receive shelter, food and medical treatment. The EU prepares new sanctions on Belarus, which it accuses of manufacturing the crisis. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday said the military alliance is “deeply concerned. The EU and NATO have restated their support for Poland. Poland has responded by deploying 20,000 border police. Across European states and political parties, refugees and migrants are often presented as a threat to national security.