President Donald Trump on ecstasy tablets seized by German police


Officers had stopped a Peugeot 307 hatchback with suspect license plates. A 51-year-old man and his 17-year-old son appeared in court on Sunday and an arrest warrant has been issued. Secreted inside, they found the ecstasy pills. The front of each pill has Trump’s coifed hair and pursed lips. The back bears a resemblance to his campaign signs, with five stars in a line across the top and the word “Trump” in the middle.

Seized ecstasy tablets in

According to media, the Trump ecstasy tablets, known to have high levels of MDMA, have been spreading around Europe, selling for more than $10 a pill. Politically themed artwork,  such as images of Che Guevara, stylized images of Uncle Sam and antiwar messages,   has appeared since the 1960s on blotter paper used for LSD doses. If something inspired someone to use Trumps’s image on a tablet intended to produce illusions, this is may be the idea of the power, supposed to be a temptation in a cunning marketing technique. Police in 2009, in Palmview, Texas, stopped a car whose driver was carrying black tar heroin, cocaine and ecstasy pills shaped to look like President Barack Obama.


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