A young man died falling from a hot air balloon mid-flight in Israel


A man in his 20s is dead after falling Tuesday from a hot air balloon mid-flight in Israel. He was a member of the crew. I don’t know how this happened but he hung himself on the basket,” Amir Almog, the man’s employer, told reporters. The pilot could not immediately land and the man tumbled from the hot air balloon at a height of about 50 meters (164 feet), Almog said. Investigation revealed that the hot air balloon appears to have taken off with the man clinging to the basket. The man fell onto a passing car on a highway below in northern Israel. The balloon and its 14 passengers onboard landed safely after the incident. According sources, the accident occurred in Jezreel Valley and the victim was identified as Yogev Cohen. No other details were specified.


Falling from 50 meters is not giving chance to survive. Ballons rides demands are increasing in Israel. Some of the most breathtaking rides take people high above the Galilee hills in the Mount Gilboa area. In the south of Israel the hot air balloons travel above the rocky desert at 500 meters above the land. Usually, hot air ballooning is a beautiful and peaceful experience, drifiting calmly along with the winds, and ascending almost naturally in a machine which appears almost to defy the laws of gravity. Hot air balloon flights can last anywhere between 45 minutes and 90 minutes and the cost is about $225 per person (varying seasonally).