A new search for the MH370 Flight wreckage is expected by families members, with help from a private company


The offer is to search for the plane using high-tech deep-sea drones fitted with sonar equipment. “We’re in a constructive dialogue with the relevant authorities and are hopeful that the offer will be accepted,” the company said in a statement. Sources affirmed that the U.S. company made an exploration offer in April and “would like to be paid a reward if and only if it finds the main debris field.” The plane’s wreckage is most likely within a 97,000-square-mile (25,000-square-kilometer) area, far southwest of Australia, on the northern boundary of the most recently searched area, an international board of experts determined.


“Malaysia, as the state of registry for the aircraft, retains overall authority for any future search and any questions regarding possible future search efforts should be directed there,” the  Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester said referring the new search possibility. The governments of Malaysia, Australia and China haven’t expressed interest in a renewed search based on public money. The three-year search  achieved cost was $160 million.



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