Massive fire forced evacuation of more than 20,000 people at a popular music festival In Spain


Video images show the fire starting at the top of a tall temporary structure erected onstage where a large screen showed a performer singing. The fire required 12 firefighting units to extinguish.  Festival organizers believe the stage “caught fire due to a technical malfunction” but an investigation was ordered to find the cause.

Fire at the festival

No one was seriously injured, but 20 people were treated for minor injuries or anxiety. However, more than 20,000 people were evacuated  from the area, the city’s Parc de Can Zam. On Sunday morning, organizers promised festivalgoers that their tickets would be refunded in full. “July 29th had everything to be a great night and the incident happened on stage makes us very sad,” organizers said. Tomorrowland is a popular electronic dance music festival held annually in Boom, Belgium. This year, on top of the main Belgian festival, which took place July 21-23 and again this Friday through Sunday,  additional Tomorrowland events were organized in eight other countries. Such events were scheduled for Saturday for Germany, Lebanon, Dubai, Israel, South Korea, Malta, Taiwan and Spain. In Taiwan, the event was called off due to Typhoon Nesat, which has injured more than a hundred people in the country


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