27 Covid cases of vaccinated people occurred during a Carnival cruise voyage to Belize


Cruise voyages and Covid-19 seems to have a long saga in the pandemic time. Carnival said in a statement that it is managing a “small number” of Covid cases on the current Carnival Vista voyage. More than two dozen cases of Covid-19 have been detected among crew and passengers aboard the Carnival cruise ship, according to the Belize Tourism Board. In fact one passenger and 26 crew members tested positive. All 27 infected individuals are fully vaccinated and most are asymptomatic, according to the release. They have been isolated and contact tracing has ended with no additional positive cases found. There are 2,895 guests and 1,441 crew on the ship that sailed from Galveston, Texas. Passengers were allowed to disembark in Belize for normal shore excursions with one additional precaution: All guests with a negative Covid-19 test were required to provide proof to Belize officials, with random testing for those without proof.


Carnival also randomly tests a large percentage of its vaccinated crew on a rotating basis and has tested more than 900 crew members since last Saturday, according to its statement. Some additional protocols, including the use of N95 masks by crew and the closure of crew social areas, were implemented aboard the current voyage. The cruise will continue as planned. However, the hope for a normal life is yet an illusion. Shares of Carnival Cruises fell more than 1% on Friday. The cruise industry is hugely important to economy.