Legendary Pokemons to come in the game during weekend


Niantic has not announced how the rollout will be handled if the Grant Park crowd doesn’t win. Legendary Pokemon work a bit differently from normal Pokemon. It won’t appear on the streets as catchable like a normal Pokemon; the only way to get them is by defeating them in raid battles. They are more powerful than normal raid Pokemon.


Qualifying players will get an invitation 48 hours in advance showing them the time and place that the legendary Pokemon will appear. If players manage to beat the powerful Legendary and get their own, it won’t leave their side. Those who want to see the game’s first legendary Pokemon appearance and the subsequent battle streamed live can do so on Twitch and YouTube, The first phase of Pokémon Go Fest tasks players with catching as many Pokémon as possible. Everyone will compete to unlock the bronze, silver or gold rewards. After, everyone at Pokémon Go Fest will get to compete in a big mystery challenge from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., July 22. Starting July 23, but only until July 24, everyone around the globe will be able to compete in the same sort of mystery challenge that Pokémon Go Fest attendees got to check out.


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