WhatsApp introduced „View Once”, a new feature to increase privacy


Facebook’s WhatsApp introduced „View Once”, the disappearing photos and videos feature which previously was in beta for about a month. This new type of disappearing content will be labeled with a new icon. This is a handy feature for sensitive images or documents you want someone to look at, but not leave a trace. It’s a great privacy feature to secure sensitive information like a Wi-Fi password, for example, or photos or videos. After the recipient opens the image for the first time, “view once” deletes it, without saving it to a phone. The images will only be accessible for 14 days after sending, after which they will expire. There’s no way the app could know if someone is taking a photo with a physical camera. The feature is rolling out to iOS and Android this week, but keep in mind you’ll have to be on the latest version of WhatsApp to give it a try. WhatsApp for Android is marked as compatible version.


Child protection advocates have expressed concern that auto-vanishing messages could help cover up evidence of child sexual abuse. Auto-deleting messages could mean that devices seized in police raids would no longer contain evidence either. The media cannot be forwarded, saved, shared, or starred. When sending a photo or video, you can make it view once by tapping the “1” button to the left of the send button.