A Japanese businessman spent £30,000 purchasing 197 tickets to the Games, now he will watch it on TV


The 45-year-old real estate Japanese businessman Kazunori Takishima from Tokyo spent £30,000 purchasing 197 tickets tickets to the Games and was very dissapointed when spectators were banned due to Covid-19. „It breaks my heart that we cannot watch the Games live in person,” he said. Asked if he will try again at the next Games, he said: “I’ll be going to the Olympics until I die, so I’ll be breaking the record every time.” “It just doesn’t feel like reality,” he added. “I’ve experienced the liveliness and the touching moments which can only be felt in person,” he said. “It’s not the same watching it on TV. He has been thinking about holding a public viewing at the hotel he owns but is worried about potential backlash given the controversy surrounding the Games. Mr Takishima initially had no interest in sports when he saw his first Olympics in the winter of 2006. After, he has spent the last 15 years traveling the world to support Japan at every Olympic Games. He will now get a refund on the tickets he purchased.


The athletics statistics handbook for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is now available as an 468 pages ebook. It features a wealth of information, including results and reports of all 998 Olympic finals to date. There are also all-time medals tables, statistics on the oldest and youngest athletes in Olympic history, a full country index and more.It was the first time in the era of modern Olympics, starting from 1896, that the Games had been postponed during peacetime. This is the second time the Olympics will be held in Tokyo, which previously hosted the Games in 1964.