First coronavirus case inside the Olympic Village


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, postponed for a year due to the global pandemic, is being held mostly without spectators and under tight quarantine rules from July 23 through to August 8. The first COVID-19 case inside the Olympic Village was confirmed, officials said Saturday. The person, now in quarantine, confined to a hotel, is not an athlete competing in the games but has been identified as “games-concerned personnel” who is a non-resident of Japan. The person’s nationality was not revealed due to privacy concerns. It’s nothing surprisingly already: the organizing committee expected that there could be positive COVID-19 cases in the village. Athletes are just starting to arrive for the games. Athletes and those in close proximity are required to undergo daily testing. Additionally, temperature checks are conducted upon entry to the Olympic and Paralympic Village or an Olympic venue.


Between July 1 and 16, out of around 15,000 athletes, officials, journalists and others who arrived in Tokyo for the games, 15 tested positive on their arrival or during a screening test. 44 positive cases since July 1 were mostly identified as contractors, though also included games-concerned personnel, employees, three members of the media and one athlete. The Olympic Village will house about 11,000 athletes during the games, along with thousands of staff. Japan’s public worries that an influx of visitors may create a superspreader event, straining an already-stretched medical system.