A 57-year-old woman was killed by wind thrust being near airport in a Caribbean island


This is a dangerous thing if some special restrictions are not considered by the people on the beach and large warning signs  are in place to inform them. Police patrols on a daily basis visit that area during the busy hours to warn persons to stay away from. Investigators determined the woman was into a group which had been holding onto a fence that separates the beach from the airport when winds generated by the jet’s engines blasted her back. She was took at hospital but deceased a short time later as result of the injuries she sustained.

Danger sign near the Princess Juliana International Airport

Sandwiched between a busy beach on one side and a mountain on the other, the Caribbean airport is renowned as one of the world’s most dangerous spots to go plane watching. The low-flying planes over the beach is an attraction for many people and it’s why this location became a popular spot for tourists. “People are getting blown into the water, getting sand blown into their faces as these huge jets take of”, a tourist said to media. Rolando Brison, the director of tourism for the island, expressed his condolences to the family of the victim. He said they acknowledged their fatal error, recognizing that what they did was wrong.


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