A Boeing 737-200 cargo plane crashed off the coast of Hawaii


A Boeing 737-200 cargo plane en route from Honolulu to the island of Maui on July 2 experienced engine trouble and has crashed off the coast of soon after take off, just two miles (3km) from Kalaeloa Airport. The Coast Guard rescued one man on board. The other survivor was spotted on top of some floating packages and was picked up by a Honolulu Fire Department rescue boat for transport to shore. Both crew members were brought to Queens Medical Center. It is unknown what happened to the plane which operated for the carrier Transair by Rhoades Aviation since 2014 but was built in 1975. The pilots reported they could not maintain airspeed and altitude following the failure of one of two engines on the Boeing 737-200, according to the LiveATC recordings, and that they suspected the second engine would also fail.


As of December 2019, 15,156 Boeing 737s have been ordered and 10,571 delivered. In March 2008, the final 737-200 aircraft in the U.S. flying scheduled passenger service were phased out. n July 2019, there were 46 Boeing 737-200s in service, mostly with “second and third tier” airlines, and those of developing nations. A Boeing spokesperson told CNN in a statement the company was “aware of the reports out of Honolulu, and are closely monitoring the situation.”