Massive power outage hit central America the last night


Countries in the region, from Guatemala to Panama, are connected by the same power grid, covering an expanse of some 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles). Chaos reigned in the Costa Rican capital after traffic lights ceased to function. The main airport in San Jose had to run slowly on backup power. Many as two million people were left in the dark in Panama, with an undetermined number affected in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Working on power outage in Costa Rica

Officials at the Costa Rican Institute for Electricity said power was disrupted throughout the entire country, The nationwide power outage in Costa Rica lasted about five hours. ICE said that the origins of the blackout were outside of the country. The blackout in Panama occurred about 15 minutes into a major speech delivered by President Juan Carlos Varela to the country’s legislature. Even Cuba plunged into darkness. More than 2 million residents of the capital, Havana, lost electricity, except for those at hospitals and other places with generators. Massive outages on this scale are rare in Cuba, excepting during storms. Bangladesh was also hit by the power outage for more than eight hours.


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