Captain Blimey free mobile game will give real money $10,000 reward in July


Players have to move in different directions in search of treasures. This is the only treasure hunt game platform on the market with global treasure hunts where players win real cash prizes. Players discover and claim treasures, including real money, in the virtual world by interacting with their real world. Treasure chests are awarded to the very first players who find them. Captain Blimey founders are Srikant Vemparala, Mike Snow and Pradeep Kanneganti, who were inspired by the vigor and longevity of the real-world treasure hunt to develop a digital treasure hunt. They motivate players to move and be active through the competitive game for rewards such as cash prizes or gift cards.

Treasure hunt announcement

“I expect the game’s inclusive platform and AR will make Captain Blimey incredibly popular,” said Kevin Harrington, an original ‘shark’ on the ABC Emmy-winning TV show. beta testers loved the game’s reward experience where they can win real life prizes and cash by playing the game. Captain Blimey, a gaming property by 9Logic Technologies, is available on any mobile device via Play and App Store. Want to know more ? Visit or follow on Facebook @CaptainBimey and Twitter @CaptBlimeyApp.


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