Tragic tourist boat accident with many victims in Colombia


Rescuers, firefighters and air force pilots in helicopters searched for survivors. There wasn’t  a passenger list. 24 people had been sent to hospital. Some of the survivors described hearing a loud explosion near the men’s bathroom before the accident. Water flooded on board  and people were sucked under by the sinking ship. “Those on the first and second floors sank immediately,” survivor Lorena Salazar told the media.

Accident localisation on the map

Margarita Moncada, the head of the disaster response agency in Antioquia state, said that according to a preliminary report 99 people were rescued. Some others saved on their own. It’s unclear what caused the boat to sink but it’s known that about a month ago  the vessel was found filled with water and sinking at its dock.  Nobody really knows what happened. None of the passengers were wearing a life vest. The usually festive town was silent after accident. The authorities made a call for scuba divers to assist with the search. Sunday , the Colombians celebrated a long holiday weekend. President Juan Manuel Santos traveled to the scene of the tragedy to personally inspect ongoing rescue efforts. The Guatape Mayor’s Office declared three days of mourning.


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