Several people stabbed in a random attack at a New Zealand supermarket


A man stabbed four people in a random attack, critically wounding three of them, on Monday, at a New Zealand supermarket in the city of Dunedin. Two of those wounded were supermarket staff members. Bystanders tackled the attacker, who was then arrested. Police said the suspect was also injured and was being treated for his wounds under police guard. Shoppers and staff at a New Zealand supermarket were being praised for their bravery. People in the store at the time told local media that it was a chaotic scene as some people began screaming and running toward the exits while others rushed to help. The names of the victims and the suspect have not been made public. Health authorities said three of the wounded had been admitted to the intensive care unit at Dunedin Hospital.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the motive was not clear but that there was no indication it was a domestic terror event. “Needless to say that such an attack is hugely concerning, and I do want to acknowledge the really early reports of courageous acts by bystanders who have taken action in order to protect those around them,” Ardern said. “We are shocked and devastated by the events in our Dunedin Central Store this afternoon,” Countdown said in a statement. “This was a fast-moving and extremely traumatic event for every person in that supermarket – the victims who were injured, those present who tried to intervene and those who had to flee to a place of safety,” Superintendent Paul Basham said in a statement. Dunedin is home to about 130,000 people, including a large number of students who attend the University of Otago. Incidents of mass violence are rare in New Zealand.