Pope Francis did a special prayer service on Saturday for the end of the pandemic


in a special prayer service on Saturday in St. Peter’s Basilica invoked the end of the pandemic and a return of what he called “a horizon of hope.” The event. evening rosary service, was attended by about 200 rank-and-file faithful, including many children, who sat spaced apart. The pope implored in prayer that national leaders use wisdom and generosity in planning social and economic solutions “with foresight and the spirit of solidarity.” He said money spent on armaments should be used instead to prevent future outbreaks. Each day during the month, Roman Catholics have been asked to pray for a specific category of people affected by the pandemic, such as those who were unable to say goodbye to their dying loved ones, health workers, the poor, the homeless and those thrown into economic difficulty.


The Catholic Church dedicates the month of May to the Blessed Virgin Mary. “It is urgent to consider a recovery model capable of generating new, more inclusive and sustainable solutions, aimed at the universal common good, fulfilling God’s promise for all men,” said. “None of this will be possible without a strong political will that has the courage to decide to change things, mainly priorities, so that it is not the poor who pay the highest cost for these tragedies that are hitting our human family,” he said.