Dozens Nazi original artifacts discovered in a secret room in Argentina


Authorities say they suspect they are originals. Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich told the media that some pieces were accompanied by old photographs, generally representing the Fuhrer with the objects. In one of them Hitler is holding a magnifying glass similar to those found in the boxes. The photograph was not released to the public. Some Nazi toys used to indoctrinate children were also discovered .in the same place. “There were jigsaw puzzles and little wood pieces to build houses, but they always featured party-related images and symbols.”

Buenos Aires

Discovered items were presented to historians. This was a house of a collector. The investigation began when authorities found artworks of illicit origin in a gallery in north Buenos Aires. The collector is under investigation by a federal judge. The most important question to be answered is how the artifacts entered Argentina. What is supposed but not yet proved with solid arguments is the fact that Argentina became to be a refuge for fleeing war criminals after World War II. One of them was Josef Mengele who lived in Buenos Aires for a decade.


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