Spectators from abroad will not be admitted this year at the Olympic Games


Japan will organize the Olympic Games but a bad news emerged: it’s official now, spectators from abroad will be barred this year. The decision was announced Saturday after an online meeting of the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese government, the Tokyo government, the International Paralympic Committee, and local organizers. Even Japanese public has also opposed fans from abroad because the Covid-19 pandemic. 600,000 tickets were sold to fans from outside Japan and will be refunded. Possibly however the Authorized Ticket Resellers outside Japan will retain fees of up to 20% above the ticket price. Toshiro Muto, the CEO of the organizing committee, said organizers were not responsible for money lost on flights or hotel reservations.


“It was an unavoidable decision,” Organizing committee President Seiko Hashimoto declared. The local organizing committee budget called for $800 million income from ticket sales, the third largest income source in the privately financed budget. But the revenue from the Olympic Games will be in decline. Japan is officially spending $15.4 billion to organize the Olympics but several government audits say the actual cost may be twice that much. Athletes will not be required to be vaccinated to enter Japan, but many will be.