Terrorist incident in Melbourne, Australia, by a man with known long criminal history


But after two hours the man began firing at them. Three officers were hit by gunshots. The suspect was also shot to dead. He previously called CNN-affiliate Channel 7 News to communicate he dedicated his attack to ISIS and al-Qaeda. However police believes he acted alone. “How was this man on parole? He had a long record of violence, a very long record of violence, he had been charged with a terrorist offense … and acquitted,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told media on Tuesday. The woman who had been held hostage was released. The three officers’ injuries were not life-threatening.

The incident was closed but many questions remain in the Australian society. Yacqub Khayre , who came to Australia via a Kenyan refugee camp with his grandparents, was a violent criminal. He was also known with links to terrorists. He was charged over a terror plot back in 2009. He was known for multiple burglaries, assault and drug possession. So, as even the Prime Minister affirmed, “very, very grave questions” are pending and first of all the finger is pointed to the justice system. The many times repeated question is – and for the instant will remain – “why ?”


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