5 June is the World Environmental Day and this year we have to think at this more


Because the major issues at the global scale are related to the global warming, the climate change and the loss of biodiversity, this year a thing to be considered as a major fact is the American decision under President Trump administration to exit the Paris climate agreement. Without doubts, this is a step down affecting the global effort to take care of Earth, something difficult to understand and was not yet fully evaluated about the consequences. A good fact however is in the news today: former Vice President Al Gore on Sunday affirmed that American business leaders and governors will move forward and reduce carbon emissions without Trump. As a clear voice of a man understanding our duty in the world today, Al Gore expressed what many others Americans think: “the decision was a terribly mistaken decision (…) and the good news is that the American people are going to provide leadership even if President Trump will not provide leadership.” More than 190 countries signed onto the Paris accord to limit the man-made climate change. Nobody in the world has the right to do actions against the Earth.


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