Israel begins reopening economy



After vaccinating nearly half its population, Israel begins reopening economy, on Sunday. Shopping malls and stores with street access re-opened Sunday, with certain limitations on crowd size.Israel has administered at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine to more than 46 percent of its nine million population, the health ministry says. Daily recorded cases continue to drop. Commercial activity is set to resume. A “Green Pass” has been given to vaccinated residents to display when accessing gyms, hotels and theatres. Synagogues, mosques and churches were required to halve their normal congregation sizes.More relaxation measures are expected next month. Mask-wearing and social-distancing were still in force, while dancing was barred at banquet halls. Middle-school pupils are still home-learning.

Nachman Ash, a physician in charge of the country’s pandemic response, told Army Radio that another lockdown “is still possible. Nearly three million people, almost a third of Israel’s population, have received the two recommended doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, the world’s quickest inoculation pace per capita. Israel, which has one of the world’s most sophisticated medical data systems, secured a substantial stock of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the development and urged all Israelis who have been immunized from the coronavirus.