A bag used on Apollo 11 mission to be sold on auction


“This bag is not only from the first mission, but it was used by the first man to set foot on the moon, and it held the first samples that were collected. So it’s the first of the first of the first,” Cassandra Hatton, a vice president and senior specialist at Sotheby’s auction house said. The auction house will put the bag on display during a virtual reality conference on June 22 and 23, and then again on July 13 ahead of the auction. They announced a plan to donate some of the proceeds of the sale to charities including the Immune Deficiency Foundation and a children’s health center. The bag has not only a big value as an artifact of the humans’ adventure in the space but even an interesting story because during time it changed many owners after the government accidentally lost the custody.

Referring to the upcoming auction, NASA is not comfortable with idea. “It was never meant to be owned by an individual.(…) This artifact, we believe, belongs to the American people and should be on display for the public,” the space agency said in its statement.


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