Mount Everest killed again


He previously survived while on the mountain in 2015 when it was rocked by a massive avalache that killed 18 fellow climbers at base camp. He was married to another doctor in Alabama, Amrita, and has two college-aged daughters. An Indian climber is also missing after heading down from the mountain following a successful ascent in the same days mountain incident. He fell sick on his way down from the summit. A rescue team of three Sherpas flew by helicopter to Camp 2, from where they were climbing up the mountain to help search for the missing climber. Kamar and his guide reached the 8,850-meter-high (29,035-foot-high) summit on Saturday at around 1:30 p.m., which is considered late, and not many climbers were around when they were returning back. 371 permits this year were issued to people to scale the mountain by the Nepalese Tourism Department.


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