Microsoft’s automatically generated DMCA claims ownership for number 45


After carefully analyzing the list of sites targeted by this DMCA complaint wave the only common element most of these sites share is having the number 45 in their URL. Another proof supporting the idea that Microsoft’s claims were sloppy is that Microsoft even accused itself of breaking its own copyright as the DMCA was also aimed towards its own search engine: Bing.

TorrentFreak, a blog dedicated to reporting trends and news related to file sharing and to the BitTorrent protocol, declared to the press that this last notice was not an isolated incident. According to TorrentFreak, Microsoft asked to remove a link from its results and even with some occasions Microsoft asked to remove its own search engine Bing from the results with similar copyright claims.

TorrentFreak concluded: “As we have mentioned before, the DMCA avalanche is becoming a bigger problem day after day. Microsoft and other rights holders are censoring large parts of the Internet, often completely unfounded, and there is absolutely no one to hold them responsible. “


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