Bus accident this weekend killed women and children in Turkey

A bus from the western city of Izmir,carrying women and children, plunged off a cliff near the Turkish resort of Marmaris, Sakar pass, on a steep road filled with hairpin bends. They were on a trip for Mothers’ Day, celebrated in Turkey this Sunday. The bus crashed through a barrier and fell 15 metres (50 feet) on to a lower road, landing on a car with three occupants.

“Sadly, we have had 20 fatalities and 11 other seriously injured,” said Amir Çiçek, the governor of Muğla province, calling it a “horrible accident”. The driver is among the dead and most of those killed were women. Television footage from the scene in western Mugla province showed a yellow bus lying on its side surrounded by ambulances. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, currently on a visit to China, said he was “extremely pained” by the tragedy. The mayor of Marmaris, Ali Acar, said there had been an “error by the driver” without giving further details. Other opinion sustains the bus had a break failure. suffered a brake failure. An investigation was under way.